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"Bushido" is a Japanese term that refers to the "Way of the Warrior" and embody the Samurai code of ethics. Principles of Bushido emphasised qualities such as honour, courage, loyalty, and skill in the Samurai warriors. Sacred Indian philosophical texts (Upanishads) often refer to the path of a seeker with the analogy of walking on a razor's edge. 

This blog is an experiment in articulating some of the ancient principles of self-unfoldment in the context of contemporary living and exploring ideas of excellence in personal and professional life. As you read along, you may find both ancient and modern ideas, frameworks and theories of self-development, coaching and leadership development.

My invitation is to approach this blog with an open mind and curiosity, share what you like with others like you, and feel free to engage with me through comments and emails if any of the posts evoked you.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!


Hariprasad Varma


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